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The Search Tab

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The Search tab, allows you to find a word or phrase. Just type in the word you want to search for, then click on .


The Search tab enables you to search for words in the help system and locate topics containing those words, even if the words are not specifically listed in the index. Full-text searching looks through every word in the on-line help to find matches. There are also options to search previous results, find similar words and search only topic titles. When the search is completed, a list of topics is displayed so you can select a specific topic to view.

You will follow the basic rules for using the Search tab in Easier Vision® help:

  • Searches are not case-sensitive, so you can type your search in uppercase or lowercase characters.

  • You may search for any combination of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9).

  • Punctuation marks such as the period, colon, semicolon, comma, and hyphen are ignored during a search.

  • Group the elements of your search using double quotes or parentheses to set apart each element. You cannot search for quotation marks.

  • You can search for words or phrases using wildcard expressions. Wildcard expressions allow you to search for one or more characters using a question mark or asterisk. The table below describes the results of these different kinds of searches.

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