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more about Easier Vision®

 Here are some of the reasons why  you should employ this straightforward, easy-to-use, and affordable financial software package to evaluate any business performance:

Use this intuitive, powerful software right away. No need for weeks of training sessions. It is fun and easy to use. Additionally, business evaluation software packages have been overpriced for way too long. Easier Vision® is right now only $XXX and even less when you buy more than one license. That is right, at least one sixth of the cost of similar, but hard to use, packages.

Generate several reports that will provide you with the necessary information to diagnose,  monitor, and forecast,  the performance of a particular business at any given time.

Forecast your business future ability to add value

Calculate and monitor the progress of your business most important financial variable: its Value Added.

Determine several other important financial and economic business indicators such as the Cost of Capital, Variable and Fixed Costs, Economic Profit, Breakeven Point, Competitive Margin, Shareholder’s Value, Cost Elasticity, as well as many others. 

Generate a comprehensive and straightforward interpretation of your business financial statements by combining the relationship between accounting principles and economic studies.

Rank several companies and determine their position with respect to each other based on one or more ranking variables.

Generate a balance system of indicators and microeconomics variables that measure the relationship among production, income, cost and profit.

Reveal your business  Marginal Cost - the cost to produce an additional unit of production or activity. The value of this important indicator when compared to the Marginal Income will guide you on whether to increase or decrease production as well as inform you of the best way to implement this change. 

Determine your business variable and fixed costs and learn how the business is allocating its variable and fixed resources.

Find out  how much your business is worth and the value of those you are considering to acquire. 

Evaluate your business past, present, and future performance.

Operate your business very nearly its optimum production level. This optimum level occurs where its Marginal Cost  equals its Marginal Income.

Reveal your business position in the marketplace through Easier Vision® generated Competitive Position report which displays a graphical representation of your business individual supply and demand using the microeconomic equilibrium model.


Whether  you are a business owner, a business manager, a lender institution, an investor, or a shareholder to name just a few with Easier Vision® your investment and financial analysis research will be safer and easier. Most important, your decisions will be based on a series of economic reports and indicators that are closely related to that business’ Market Value, making it more accurate and reliable than the traditional financial reports and indicators. 

Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at info@easiervision.com. To contact us by phone or fax click here.

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