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The main menu screen appears when you open Easier Vision®. Once you have entered the name of the company being evaluated and other pertinent information, the company name will appear at the top of the menu and remain there until it is changed or the entire company file is deleted. See Set Up Company Information option.

In the bottom left corner of the Easier Vision® menu is the path and file name of the current file. The file name may or may not be the same as the name of the company being evaluated. Until you have created a new file, or opened an existing file, no path or file name will appear.

If you need to exit Easier Vision®, the last file you created or opened will automatically be opened when you run it again.

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The main menu for Easier Vision® contains the following options:

  1. The New Company File button allows you to create a new file. You would use this option the first time you use Easier Vision®, as well as when you want to begin tracking financial information for an additional business. 

  2. The Open Company File button allows you to view or edit information in existing company files. 

  3. The Help button displays Easier Vision® Help screens.

  4. The Set Up Company Information option allows you to enter the Company's name and other pertinent company information. See Entering Company Information for more information.

  5. The Enter or View Historical/Present Data option allows you to view, enter, or edit the company's actual Historical/Present financial data. See Historical/Present Data for more information.

  6. The Enter or View Forecast Data option allows you to view, enter, or edit the company's Forecast financial data. See Forecast Data for more information.

  7. The Reports option displays the Reports menu. See Reports for more information.

  8. The Ranking Report option displays the Company Ranking menu. The Ranking Report allows you to rank companies to see how they compare to one another. See Ranking Report for more information.

  9. The Preferences option allows you to change or reset company options, such as Data Entry screens labels, number of decimal points, etc.

  10. Exit closes the Easier Vision® program.


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