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Easier Vision® help includes the following left-hand tabs:

Contents: The Contents tab displays books and pages that represent the categories of information in the on-line help system. When you click a closed book, it opens to display its content (sub-books and pages). When you click an open book, it closes. When you click pages, you select topics to view in the right-hand pane of the HTML Help viewer.

Index: The Index tab displays a multi-level list of keywords and keyword phrases. These terms are associated with topics in the help system and they are intended to direct you to specific topics according to your way of working. Keywords are cross-referenced with synonyms to provide multiple ways to locate information. To open a topic in the right-hand pane associated with a keyword, you select the keyword and then click Display. If the keyword is used with more than one topic, a Topics Found dialog opens so you can select a specific topic to view.

Search: The Search tab enables you to search for words in the help system and locate topics containing those words. Full-text searching looks through every word in the on-line help to find matches. There are also options to search previous results, find similar words and search only topic titles. When the search is completed, a list of topics is displayed so you can select a specific topic to view.

Glossary: The Glossary tab displays a glossary similar to one you'd find in a printed publication. It provides a list of words and short phrases, and their definitions, related to Easier Vision®. When you select a term from the list, its corresponding definition is displayed in the lower-pane.

You can keep these tabs from being displayed by clicking on at the left side of the Help tool bar.

If these tabs are not visible, the button changes to . Clicking on it will display the tabs.

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