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KIT of Indicators Report

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The KIT of Indicators Report is a report generated by Easier Vision® that represents a balance system of indicators and microeconomics variables that measure the relationship among production, income, cost and profit. Its structure is based on the separation of all costs into fixed and variable costs, and the utilization of the activity level to establish the unitary and marginal income as well as the unitary and marginal cost functions. All of these functions allow you to estimate the business performance from an economic and operational perspective. This report also helps you identify the type of competitive advantage utilized by this particular business and how well its resources are being allocated.  


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The following items will be found on the Kit of Indicators Report:

  • Economic Income

  • Activity Level 

  • Total Fixed Cost  

  • Total Variable Cost  

  • Total Cost  

  • Average Fixed Cost  

  • Average Variable Cost  

  • Average Total Cost  

  • Marginal Cost  

  • Marginal Income  

  • Average Price  

  • Margin

  • Economic Profit  

  • Breakeven Point

  • Cost Elasticity  

  • Competitive Margin

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