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Easier Vision® provides you with a comprehensive and detailed help menu that you can access from any of the screens and that will assist you with your questions and guide you through the entire program including a "What to Do First" section.

Some of the tools and features that you will find inside the Easier Vision® help are listed below.


  • Hotspots: Hyperlinks They are a different color than the surrounding text and display more information when you click on them. When you point at a hotspot or hyperlink, your mouse pointer looks like a hand:

    A hotspot displays more information on the same page, while a hyperlink displays another related page of information.


  • Hiding or Displaying the Left-Hand Tabs

  • The Contents Tab displays books and pages. Click a book and it expands to show groups of pages. Click a page to view its corresponding topic.

  • The Index Tab provides a list of keywords. Click a keyword to view its corresponding topic. If several topics reference the same keyword, you can select the topic to view from a pop-up menu.

  • The Search Tab allows you to enter words or phrases to scan topic content and find all topics that match the search criteria.

  • The Glossary Tab displays an alphabetized list of terms relevant to information in the help system. Select a term to view its corresponding definition at the bottom of the pane.

  • Sizing, Minimizing, and Maximizing the Help window

  • Navigating

    Just like a browser, the Easier Vision® Help includes Back and Forward buttons for navigating:

    To return to the previously viewed topic

        Click on 


    To go to the topic that was display prior to going back

        Click on  


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