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Entering and Viewing Forecast Financial Data

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When you enter or view Forecast Financial Data, you will see one of two screens, depending on what year you are forecasting. If you are entering Forecast Financial Data for the current year or a previous year, you will enter periodic (monthly or quarterly) figures. Your screen will look like this:

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Below the From Income Statement heading, you will see Monthly Forecast for... or Quarterly Forecast for... (depending on what you entered in your Company Set Up, Period option).

For all years after the current year, the Forecast Financial Data will be entered in yearly figures. The Forecast Financial Data screen for all years after the current year will not display the drop-down list for Period:

To begin entering Forecast Financial Data:

  1. You enter a fiscal year. 

  2. Then select the period (month or quarter), if applicable.

  3. Then enter the financial data. You can use either the Tab key or the Enter key to advance from field to field. You will be prompted if you enter non-numeric data. Any non-numeric data will be converted to zero when the data is saved.

  When you have completed the data entry for the selected period, you may:

  1. Select another period for Forecast data

  2. Jump to Historical/Present Data by clicking on

  3. Go back to the Main Menu by clicking on

  4. Go to the Reports Menu by clicking on

  5. Go to the Company Set Up by clicking on

  6. Display the Help screens by clicking on

  7. The     button is used to save the data entered. 


If you have not saved the data you entered when you close this screen, you will see this message:

If the Asset and Liability figures you entered for the Balance Sheet do not balance, you will be warned. Easier Vision® will still save the out of balance figures, but you cannot run reports until you correct the out of balance condition.

Changing Previously Saved Data:

If you change a previous year's saved financial data, you will see a warning asking you to confirm the changes made.

Deleting Data Entry Records:

If need to delete a year's forecast data, you click on  . You will then select the year whose data you want to delete, then click on . All the forecasted data for that year will be deleted and will not be able to be retrieved.


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