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Competitive Position Report

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The Competitive Position Report is a report generated by Easier Vision® that shows a graphical representation of the microeconomic equilibrium model between the supply and demand curves in the short run. This innovating report allows  you to forecast a particular business' future capacity to add value by finding, with the help of the kit of indicators and complex algorithms, the competitive position of the business at any give time, helping you make easier and more reliable business decisions.

There are fifteen possible competitive positions where a business could be situated at any given time during its production process. 

The graphs below represent some examples of the possible competitive position reports.


wpe95.gif (10919 bytes)

wpeB9.gif (11476 bytes)

wpeB7.gif (11002 bytes)


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The following items will be displayed on a typical Competitive Position Report:

  • Activity Level 

  • Lower Limit  

  • Upper Limit  

  • Marginal Cost (MC)  

  • Average Total Cost (ATC)  

  • Average Price (P) or Marginal Income (MI)  

  • Business Competitive Position

  • Cost Elasticity (K)  

  • Adding Value Space  

  • Increasing Value Added Sub-Space  

  • Decreasing Value Added Sub-Space

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