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About Easier Vision

A Need for New Standards

Today's global economy, along with the information revolution, has created a  tighter and more competitive business world.   Today, companies are restructuring and merging in search of lower costs, higher profits, and a larger share of the market in order to stay competitive, and in some cases, to barely stay in operation. These new market circumstances call for new ways and standards to properly measure a business' past, present, and future performance. In order to effectively and accurately measure the performance and productivity of a business, and obtain the necessary information to make adequate business decisions, a business must be analyzed from five different perspectives. They are: a) the accounting perspective, b) the financial perspective, c) the economic perspective, d) the competitive perspective, and e) the operational perspective. None of these perspectives by themselves can fully measure and evaluate the performance of a business

Traditionally, most businesses have used the accounting and financial perspectives to measure their performance and make their business decisions. Although an accounting and financial business analysis provides you with valuable information about the business, neither provides you with all of the implicit operational costs, measurement of the fundamental microeconomics variables, nor the competitive position on the market place. All of these are necessary for a complete and thorough evaluation of the business.

Easier Vision® provides you with the new standards and tools you need to obtain a comprehensive assessment of your business from all five perspectives, and to better evaluate its performance. 

Easier Vision®  will aid you to manage your business and make sounder business decisions.


Easier Vision® is a new and innovating software program designed to facilitate the interpretation of a firm’s financial statements, and to evaluate its economic performance. It is based on the Economic Cost Analysis method, ECA, which is derived from the microeconomics equilibrium model, the financial value theory, and the competitive advantage principles.

This method allows you to measure the performance of a firm from a financial and operational point of view, as well as to evaluate its economic efficiency. The results are then used by managers and decision-makers to determine the firm’s competitive position on the marketplace, and to adequately allocate their business resources. It’s also a useful tool for investors and lenders during the evaluation process of a particular firm’s financial situation.

Merging Accounting and Economic Studies

Easier Vision® combines the relationship between accounting principles and economic studies in order to generate vast and dynamic economic information regarding a particular company. While accounting provides much helpful information in the preparation of economic studies, it is important to recognize that the perspectives and viewpoints of an accountant and an economic analyst differ greatly. In general, the accountant hopes to reveal an exciting and objective picture of the firm’s performance and position using actual data of the past. On the other hand, the economic analyst projects, estimates, or forecasts the firm’s future performance and position using estimated data of the future. 

Easier Vision® combines these two important disciplines to provide you with a comprehensive and straight-forward interpretation of the business' financial statements.

Information at your Fingertips

Today, information generated by a particular business' economic analyst is, in most cases, used only for internal company purposes and unknown to the public. Now, with Easier Vision®, you can have a firm’s complete economic analysis at your fingertips just by inputting a particular firm's financial statements. As you use this unique software you will realize that Easier Vision® helps you do what no other software on the market does.

Hands-on and User Friendly

Easier Vision® is structured to allow the user to enter historical, present, and forecast data on different modules or screens. This data is then used to generate a series of reports for each of the periods of the data entered. The historical-present module is used to input the firm’s information on the current and previous years. The forecast module is used to enter the firm’s short term and long-term financial outlook data for the current year and beyond. 

This module structure of the software program allows the user to utilize each module independently based on the information available, and for what he/she wants to use that information for. For example, an investor could use the historical data on a particular company to evaluate its performance before investing in the company. On the other hand, if you are interested in evaluating the future performance of a company, the forecast module will generate the appropriate information to aid the user with, including a Business Value report. Also, if you want to analyze your own company or the company you work for, all of the modules could be used to evaluate, monitor, and log the past, current and future year’s performance on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Transforming Information into Knowledge

Easier Vision® generates several reports from the data obtained from the firm’s financial statements. These reports provide detailed information on the firm’s financial, operational, economical, and competitive position. You will also be able to generate graphical representations all of the data entered in the software, and rank all of the companies’ available data by using the ranking report feature. All of these reports and features will provide the necessary criteria to guide you in making opportune, sound business decisions.

Economic Indicators

Easier Vision® provides you with several economic indicators such as: the real economic cost, the marginal cost, the cost elasticity, the breakeven point, the economic profit, the marginal income, as well as other indicators. All of these present sufficient information to adequately diagnose the present situation of the firm and forecast its future perspective.

Useful Tool for Everybody

With Easier Vision®, whether you are a shareholder, the owner of a business, a business manager, a lending institution, or an investor, your investment and financial analysis-research will be safer and easier. Most important, your decisions will be based on a series of economic reports and indicators that are closely related to that business' Market Value making it more accurate and reliable than the traditional financial reports and indicators.

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