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Economic Cost Structure Report

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The Economic Cost Structure Report is a report generated by Easier Vision® that shows a breakdown of the economic cost into its fixed and variable parts, illustrates the dynamic behavior of these costs throughout the entire fiscal year, and calculates the firm's Economic Profit. It also allows you to determine how the business is allocating its variables and fixed resources. Additionally, this report makes possible the calculation and measurement of the business' microeconomics variables displayed in the different Easier Vision® reports. .

This report evaluates the business performance from an economic perspective.


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The following items will be found on the Economic Cost Structure Report:

  • Economic Income  

  • Variable Cost

  • Cost of Sales & Other Operating Charges  

  • Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses  

  • Other Deductions  

  • Variable Cost of Capital  

  • Cash Operating Tax  

  • Fixed Cost  

  • Depreciation and Amortization Expenses  

  • Fixed Cost of Capital  

  • Total Economic Cost  

  • Economic Profit

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