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Easier Vision® is a new, straightforward, easy-to-use, and affordable microeconomic and financial software developed to facilitate the interpretation of a business' financial data.

Easier Vision® was developed utilizing the concepts and principles established and described in the Economic Cost Analysis© method, a new approach to register the microeconomic variables of a firm, providing managers, shareholders and investors with new tools to measure, monitor, diagnose and forecast business performance.

Easier Vision® combines the accounting principles and economic studies to tie the information provided by the traditional accounting and financial systems with the microeconomic models. This relationship turns the accounting information into meaningful economic data and establishes a scientific use of the microeconomic theory for the measure, evaluation and forecast of a business performance.

Key Features:

  • Performs empirical microeconomic analysis by only inputting data straight from the business financial statements.

  • Calculates forecast company's share and equity values with high accuracy.

  • Compiles past, present and forecast data to generate miscellaneous reports.

  • Generates reports on a monthly, or quarterly or annual format.

  • Generates up-to-date graphical representations of the development of all business variables.

  • Compares and monitors present performance data to previous or projected periods.

  • Easy to follow Help menu.

  • Contains copy and paste capabilities for easy data entry.

  • Includes ranking capabilities of unlimited businesses to better identify best performers.

Easier Vision® is an essential tool for managers, shareholders and investors in making their daily business decisions.


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